Coffee Shops & Commercial Real Estate? Real Estate can be a tricky game; the market in Las Vegas is extremely competitive and depending on your business needs it might take a minute to find the perfect space for your business. While you’re waiting for your dream office space to pop up on the market – coffee shops might be the perfect in-between office space for you! Or maybe you already have the perfect office space, and just enjoy getting out every once in awhile to work in a new environment? Whatever your current situation is we recognize that the PERFECT work-coffee shop is hard to find.  Here are the top 4 coffee shops we think would be great to work at until your dream space is on the market!


1.) Gabi’s Coffee Shop · I think the photos say enough – this GORGEOUS coffee shop has amazing lighting, plenty of seats and over 51 positive reviews on Yelp. Newly opened and already making a splash in Vegas, we see this coffee shop becoming the next “go to” for creative centric business meetings. Located on Spring Mountain & Jones this coffee shop is the perfect hidden destination to work or hang with friends. See more of their menu here!  

2.) Sambalatte Torrefazione · This two story coffee shop is what dreams are made of. With three locations; business meetings just got easier, plus who wants their favorite coffee shop confined to one sip code? (Pro Tip: Try the rainbow Nutella latte, it’s everything your Instagram feed needs.) See more here!

3.) Maker’s and Finder’s Coffee · Makers & Finders is a Latin cafe coffee bar located at the Summerlin Mall. The menu features thoughtfully inspired food from South/Central America including handmade Arepas, Empanadas & more! Baristas are highly trained in craft coffee making including handmade syrups, seven different brew methods, five single-origin coffee beans, all for one cup. Sounds Amaze Right?! See more here!

4.) Sunrise Coffee · Sunrise Coffee is your neighborhood coffee shop with a flair for the eclectic. They “believe in creating an atmosphere that focuses on organic fair trade coffee from single origin farms, vegetarian and vegan foods, and genuinely well adjusted baristas. If you are looking for a place to call your own, look no further.” See more Here!

And maybe you’re getting tired of working in a coffee shop – it can be pretty expensive to keep up with those $5 cold brews! If you’re interested in some great office spaces go ahead and click here or feel free to call our office at 702-795-7900 – we have a variety of all-inclusive office spaces on the market.


Posted by: Phyllis on May 18, 2018
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