Las Vegas is a complicated market – industry is booming here and the housing market is more active than ever. To assist your Las Vegas house hunt we’ve compiled the best resources on the market. Keep reading to get an overall feeling of our market, and to see the best zip codes to live in!

From: Real Estate US News – A First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide to Las Vegas

Arguably the hardest part of a Real Estate Agent’s job is setting realistic expectations for our clients. We all want it all when it comes to our home. We want to be located in Summerlin and our home needs granite counters, hardwood floors, a huge backyard with a pool, easy work commute, office space, master bedroom with a walk in closet, a tree house, a vineyard and a slide from the first story to the second- and our budget is $120,000. Seems impossible right? The Las Vegas market is moving fast and it’s all about understanding what you can get. See the below tips from Misti Yang.

Tip #1 Understand what your budget can get you.
Depending on your perspective, Las Vegas real estate can either be a homebuyer’s dream, or it can cause sticker shock. (Click here to see how to set your home buying budget.)

Tip #2 Be prepared to renovate if you’re after character.
If you imagine yourself in a gated community with a fine-tuned homeowner’s association, you’re in luck because Las Vegas has plenty. But if you’re dead-set on a house with charm or loathe HOAs, you should develop an appreciation for mid-century and desert modern architecture, and get ready to renovate.” The rest of these market tips can be found here.

The second most concerning and difficult aspect to buying a home whether you’re in Las Vegas or not revolves around the zip code of your home! Everyone has different needs and wants regarding their location – but for a large portion of people who are at a home buying age – safety matters.

Here are the top 5 neighborhoods we recommend you check out:

  1. The Lakes Las Vegas (91st Percentile)
  2. Sun City Summerlin (71st Percentile)
  3. Macdonald Ranch (67th Percentile)
  4. Centennial Hills (63rd Percentile)
  5. Summerlin North (58th Percentile)

(If you click on each neighborhood name you can see the positives of the locations and negatives as well as their livability, cost of living, education, housing, amenities, crime, employment and weather score.)


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