We’ve all had a bad day before. It happens. Maybe you wake up late or you’re stuck in traffic – maybe you even work with a bunch of jerks. I get it. Sometimes things go wrong and you want to be in a bad mood. After all it’s easier to be in a bad mood versus trying to make your bad mood better. So – in honor of the bad day we’ve all had at one point; here are 6 ways to make a bad day better.


Step 1. Take a 5 minute walk outside and enjoy the weather (even if it’s 90° outside.) While you’re on your 5 minute break just enjoy being outside and enjoy being up and moving. Even though it’s hot outside, Vegas is beautiful and maybe clarity is what you need.
Once your back from your walk move onto step 2.

Step 2. So you’re back from your walk.. Guzzle a bottle of water. You’ll feel better instantly. Promise. Water works wonders and I’d be willing to bet you’re secretly dehydrated anyways. You CAN’T move onto step 3 until you finish that bottle of water.

Step 3. So you’ve made it to step 4. I’m wiling to bet you’re feeling just a bit better at this point so I think you’re ready for step four, right?Do something nice for someone. It could be complicated or something totally simple. Making someone else feel good makes you feel good. Compliment their shirt or text your friend something you appreciate about them, just do something nice. You’ll make someone else feel amazing and you’ll feel better too. Did you do something nice for someone – you can’t move onto step 4 until you do.

Step 4. Do something nice for yourself.
Little things make me happy. A Cherry Limeaid from sonic equals instant happiness in my world. So – do something nice for yourself. Get that expensive coffee from Starbucks you’ve been dyyyingg to try. Or maybe you really just want a piece of cake. Do it – and have a little moment of simple happiness.

Step 5. Plan Something You’re Excited For.
Sometimes your day at work might be just soo miserable that you need to go big or – quiet literally – go home.
So what to do? Plan something you’re excited for. Like “when I get home I’m going to make myself popcorn and watch that Netflix movie I’ve be dying to see.” Or plan a day with friends; “Just gotta make it through this week and then I can eat all the food on Saturday with ___.”

Step 6. Recognize ALL the Amazing things in Your Life.
A bad day doesn’t equal a bad life. So, think about all the amazing things you have to be thankful for and proud of. You have great friends, or your coffee this morning was perfectly made, maybe you have the cutest dog out of everyone you’ve ever met #blessed.


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Posted by: Phyllis on June 18, 2018
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