Remember when you used to use a phone book to look up a business or maybe you relied on word of mouth alone to find your next retail destination? Not anymore – it’s more important than ever to have a strong online presence. Physical stores are closing and online shopping becoming the dominant shopping experience, it’s time to get your business posted where it’ll be seen! Social Media is 100% free and if you’re smart about it you can get your clients to do the hard work of creating engaging content. Keep reading to see why Facebook & Instagram are important for your business!


If your business doesn’t have a Facebook page you’re missing out on 100% FREE advertising. It’s extremely important to have a visible Facebook profile with up-to-date content and correct information. One the initial things I do when researching a business is look up their Facebook and Instagram profile – it’s an easy way for me to understand what their location vibes & clientele are like in under 10 seconds. When clients are shopping at your business you can incentivise them to post reviews on your Facebook page or tag their location to reach more people. Think of clever ways to have your clients talk about your business on Facebook.

Here are two ideas that take NO work whatsoever on your part and up your social media presence;

  • If your client posts a review on Facebook they get 10% of their next purchase.  Why does this work; Offering 10% off their next purchase is an incentive for them to come back to YOUR location verses someone else’s business. It’s also is in your business’s favor; if they never come back and use their coupon it doesn’t matter because you still got free social media exposure.
  • Consider offering a free {drink, food, side, discount, etc} for 5 Facebook location tags.          Maybe you already have a punch card set up for your clients; after 5 purchases they get a free drink. But here’s the thing; you shouldn’t be using punch cards. Here’s why.

The biggest reason why you shouldn’t use a punch card is that…  
1.) People lose them and forget about your business
2.) They cost money & time to print and make
3.) You’re missing out of free advertising

So lets set the scenario for you. Johnny comes into your coffee shop to get his Large Vanilla Ice coffee – Johnny gets a punch card and as soon as Johnny gets in his car he drops it into that crack between the seat and the center console (you know that Bermuda triangle of a crack) and guess what. He never tries to find it and forgets all about your coffee shop and that’s it. End of Story. You just spent $.50 on a business card that lasted all of 5 second. 

Scenario Two:  Johnny comes into your coffee shop to get his Large Vanilla Ice coffee. Johnny tags your business on Facebook because after 5 tags Johnny gets a free drink. All of Johnny’s 800 ‘friends’ on Facebook now see his post and learn about YOUR coffee shop. It was FREE for you to use this form of advertising and guess what – it’s the gift that keeps on giving because now all of Johnny’s friends know where your shop is located, that it is a great coffee chain and that Johnny recommends it. 



Why should your clients tag you on Instagram – because it’s EASY! One of the biggest pit falls of social media is the time it takes to create engaging content! It’s a lot of work to create content and it’s hard to be creative and stand out. If you don’t have an instagram account you NEED one and here’s my advice that will help you with creating engaging content.

1.) Offer discounts to Get the Ball Rolling
2.) Make your business “Instagram Friendly”
3.) Re-post Photos Your Business is Tagged In
4.) Pick a theme & posting schedule and stick with it

  • One great business example of “getting the ball rolling” is Zaba’s.. This sounds weird, but Zaba’s Restaurant offers a free brownie if you take a selfie and post/tag them on Instagram. They’re getting social media presence and growing their Instagram page and it’s EASY.
  • Next step – create an “Instagram Friendly” space. There’s a new coffee shop that’s just opened in Las Vegas Called Cafe Lola; their WHOLE coffee shop is Instagram-able and it shows in the thousands of photos they’re tagged in (see it here) they’ve made it easy to create engaging content – after all they don’t have to “do the work” all of their patrons do the work for them & they don’t have to chase new clients either because reposting photos does it for them.
  • Finally, pick a theme and find the posting schedule that works for you. On the Cambridge Group Insta page we post Monday, Wednesday, Friday and have a very simple, yet steady theme (here) and that’s what works for us.


I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you with your social media adventure. If you have any suggestions for what worked for your business let us know! We love to hear new ideas all the time!

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Posted by: Phyllis on July 10, 2018
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