If you own a business you likely already have some sort of online presence with social media. If you don’t have an Instagram, Facebook, twitter or Yelp you’re really missing out on valuable FREE advertising (see why you should use them here.)


Even if you do have all of the above, it can be easy to fall into a posting slump – it’s hard to stay motivated, inspired and come up with new content everyday! To inspire and get you motivated to upkeep your social media here are a few free ideas for your next post!


1.) Team Photo!
Post a photo of your team – show off your amazing employees and give a quick recap of what they do for your business! You can see an example of our post here! Posting your team is great for them (moral) but it’s also great for clients looking to put a face to the day to day operations.

2.) Show Off Your Amazing Customers/Clients!
We love to talk about our tenants and their businesses! They do amazing things day in and day out! See an example of this post here!

3.) Share Something Relevant!
Back to School, Christmas, Great Sale at ___ store, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day Etc. Post something relevant and hashtag it well!

4.) Show Off Your Knowledge
Give insider tips about the market you’re working in – creating content that can’t be found anywhere else is key to have interaction on your posts!

Here are an additional 5 post ideas

1.) Share to Your Story (Facebook/Instagram)

2.) Link a coupon code

3.) Showcase an event coming up

4.) Show off your office space & Location

5.) Thank your customers for their support!


I hope you enjoyed this blog – we’d appreciate your share! If you want to see more of us check out our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

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Posted by: Phyllis on August 17, 2018
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