Property Management Services for Nevada Commercial Property Owners

As a business owner, you may have multiple retail stores and office locations throughout the Nevada area yet you can’t be there at every facility when a problem occurs. Here at the Cambridge Group, we provide property management services specifically designed for commercial properties so that your facilities can be successfully managed. We provide a dedicated support team who understands what services are required for each commercial building, as we subcontract with vendors so the buildings receive optimal maintenance services.

Commercial property owners working with the Cambridge Group are always kept in the loop about our property management services as you have a say on what work is done to your properties. We provide comprehensive monthly management reports so you completely understand all activity that is involved with your commercial property. We provide income reports, expense reports, bank reconciliations, accounting statements, and details about the physical condition of the property. Let our full-service real estate and property management company take away the hassles of managing a property in the Nevada and Las Vegas regions.